Launched: Longevity Research Institute



Efforts to accelerate progress toward anti-aging medicine and longevity enhancement include academic research in public and private institutions, for-profit research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profit organizations that advocate for more research — and are increasingly funding it themselves.

I just learned of what seems to be another example of the latter category: the Longevity Research Institute, a not-for-profit entity devoted to the extension of the human lifespan. The LRI is based in Berkeley, CA

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Our Mission

There are more than 50 compounds and treatments that have been reported to extend lifespan in mammals, and dozens more that seem to prevent the diseases of aging — yet few of these studies have received independent follow-up or replication.

If we could find a healthspan-expanding treatment for humans, it would prevent years of severe illness for billions of people. […]

Over the next five years, we plan to design, fund, and launch animal lifespan studies for the most promising longevity interventions.

The effort appears to be quite new; Judging from the post dates on their blog, they just launched last week. They’re just across the bridge from where I live, so I’ve reached out via their Twitter account to see if I can meet up with them to learn more.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this very early news with you all.

Let us all welcome LRI to the biogerontology research community!